The New Site Plan

Our festival home in beautiful Birds Hill Provincial Park plays an essential role in everyone’s festival experience. We all know it’s a very special place and it’s time to preserve it for generations to come!

The goal of our Site Redevelopment Project is to improve the way things work without changing the special vibe of the festival itself. Here are the guidelines we used for the goals of the project:

Enhance the audience experience

Many of the improvements are the result of audience feedback – such as requests for more shade and water. We’re creating two new stages tucked away in the shade of the woods, installing water taps, planting trees and adding temporary shade structures until they mature. We’re also installing drainage systems to help the ground dry more quickly after heavy rains.

The new Festival Village will be a gathering place to meet friends and a hub for key services – including food, drink and places to enjoy both! New way-finding posts will help you find your way around the site and improved pathways will help with congestion.

Respect the natural qualities of the site

By working closely with the province’s Department of Conservation and Water Stewardship, we are ensuring that the park is treated with the utmost care. Our project began with a thorough environmental assessment and uses natural systems to solve problems wherever possible. We are treading as lightly as possible with minimal permanent structures and planting only native species of grasses and trees.

Become a more environmentally sustainable event

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint with a focus on improved alternative and mass-transportation options. A new bus loop will increase the convenience of using transit by bringing festival-goers right to the Main Gate where a new bus shelter provides shade during the day and lighting at night. A new bike path will connect the Festival Campground to the Main Gate where you’ll find significantly more bicycle parking and a dedicated spot for on-site bike mechanics.

Improve health, safety and accessibility

Every aspect of the project has been carefully planned with safety in mind. The design separates pedestrians from service vehicles wherever possible including in the Festival Village, where a new road services food vendors from the back. The new food vendor kiosks are upgraded with improved water and electricity and pathways are wider and easier to navigate. Other improvements include a new emergency access road, hydro upgrades and a new multi-purpose building – La Cuisine – that functions as a pre-festival workshop, a kitchen during the festival and a storage facility year-round.

Illustration: Kiersten Drysdale